Welcome to Comic Munch!!

A virtual resturant where the specials are comics and art by cartoonist Masai Asantewa. Born 1989 in upstate NY Masai Asantewa has always had a vivid imagination. Spending countless days outside as a child making up various adventures and to his parents dismay drawing on the walls. Growing up in the 90's Masai also played many videos games, watched many movies and enjoyed cartoons which gave him an early love for animation. Near the time Masai was in middle school the anime boom hit America and also hit Masai's imagination. After being introduced shortly after to Manga ( Japanese Comic Books ) Masai would spend countless nights reading various mangas left and right and absorbing any anime inbetween. All of this lead to a deep passion in Masai to make his own comics. Comics that equally blended his love for Video games, American animation and Japanese manga. You can check out all the art and comics that have resulted from that passion right here at Comic Munch!